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Our Story So Far.......
I recently fell in love.  Yep, with the exquisitely beautiful, exceptionally English crockery which evokes all the charm of a bygone era.  I love that vintage pieces have a story to tell.
Ironically, although I am British, my love affair for English vintage china didn't take hold until 4 years ago whilst living in Canada.  I took over a business (Vintage China Hire) from a British friend, renting out vintage china for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and other special occasions.  What started as an excellent business opportunity soon became a real passion.  I lived for the "thrill of the hunt" - sourcing new items from far and wide, including vintage and vintage inspired cake stands, compotes and props. Many of the pieces I personally sourced have travelled with me to Singapore.
Our Inspiration page is a great source of ideas. It showcases products used in some of the style shoots and events in Canada and Singapore, which are now available to rent through Little Miss Hobnob.
Little Miss Hobnob is born from my passion for vintage china and beautiful crockery, which has in turn fuelled this one of a kind collection of pieces that I hope you will love just as much as I do.  Welcome to Little Miss Hobnob.........
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